Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Welcome, People of the Internets, to Twenty-odd and Over It.

I’ve given it A LOT of thought and I still don’t know what kind of blog this’ll be. All I know is that I’ve tried a few times to start a blog, and after a few posts I’ve lost interest and those blogs were never seen again… they’re probably lost in the abyss of WordPress failures by now. I figured the reason for that is I tried to give my blogs a theme. I thought this time about starting a travel blog, as I travel quite a bit and have just got back from a year in Australia, but that didn’t really seem like me. Then I considered a beauty blog as I really enjoy makeup and all things similar, but I thought I might get bored of that after a while.

My life doesn’t really have a theme or direction at the moment, so neither will this blog. If this blog reflects my life at all it’ll be largely centred around my failings as an apparent adult, stuff I like and random musings.

I’m going to try really hard to post a couple of times a week, but I have a habit of getting distracted and falling into the trap of ‘can’t be arsed’ so we’ll see how that pans out.

Who knows what this blog will turn into, I definitely don’t. BUT, I am determined this time to keep it going and I figured as long as I write about things that interest me then it’ll be a fun little internet adventure.

If anyone other than my closest friends read this, then it’ll be a success.

Notebook from Betsy Jarvis @ Etsy
Notebook: Betsy Jarvis @ Etsy

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4 thoughts on “Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

  1. Well …. and that’s an adult way of starting a conversation but in this case it’s just to say this 45 year old enjoyed reading your 25 year old thoughts on being an adult …

    And to maybe reassure you if in fact that is even needed .. when I was 25 I felt it was now time to do adult things top of list was a trip to an over priced grown up store which I had to dress appropriately for to purchase cleanser toner and of course moisturiser as now I needed to move away from my body shop carrot moisturiser cos that is what adults do… 20 years on I do believe I may still have that bottle of toner ..

    And the truth be known at 45 I am still trying to figure out how to be an adult …

    I await to read more of your adventures as you figure out this adult thing we all aspire to ..

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