It All Went Wrong: A Cake Baking Fail

Last week or the week before (why am I so behind at writing this?) I attempted to bake a chocolate cake. I’m not entirely sure what came over me as I have never baked a chocolate cake before in my life – I’ve never baked any kind of cake before, now I come to think of it – and I’m not even a huge fan of cakes. I don’t like them at all really. But, for some unbeknownst reason I woke up one day and decided that that was the day. The day I was going to bake the very best chocolate cake I could, because that’s what adults do. Adults can bake. I am an adult, apparently, so I should be able to bake. At least I should give it a go.

So I did.

Then I decided to film it so everyone could laugh at me.

Which they did.

A Chocolate Cake Baking Fail

As is clear from the video, I went into this venture with absolutely no idea what I was doing. I Googled a recipe, bought the ingredients and got to it. It was only later on that I realised I didn’t have any weighing scales, then I dropped an egg, then I forgot to measure out most of the ingredients and THEN I forgot the baking powder.




I’m sure there’s some important life motto or lesson I could quote here about things turning out for the best and everything working out okay in the end, but I can’t think of any.


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