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I Like Things! Murder Edition?

Okay, so I haven’t actually written a blog in 2 months and this technically goes against my big plan to write loads and loads as much as possible and have this great blog with great content. BUT, in my defence it was Christmas and I was busy eating my weight in meat wrapped in other meat. Then it was my birthday and I had to celebrate being yet another year closer to 30. Then I went on holiday for 3 weeks because I’m a shit who has no concept of saving money and who fails to understand that just disappearing to the sun for weeks at a time when they feel like it isn’t really that responsible.

I AM BACK. BACK AGAIN. I couldn’t think of anything to write, which is stupid really because I probably do have something half decent to write about but hey ho. So, I decided to be #original #unique #creative and write about some of my current favourite things.

This isn’t a monthly favourites and I doubt this will be a frequent thing. I’ve named it ‘Murder Edition’ but the chance of there being any other edition is slim. You can’t say I make promises I don’t keep. Your hopes will not be falsely up-ed here.

My Favorite Murder

Disclaimer: I am not a fan of people committing murder. In fact, it would be great if everyone agreed to not murder anyone. What I am a fan of is the podcast My Favorite Murder. It. Is. So. Good. I discovered this on holiday, because what screams POOL DAY more than laying in the sun listening to details of someone dismembering someone else. It’s hosted by two comedians – Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark – and it is really fucking funny. Interesting, too, but mainly fucking funny.

Accessorising Mi Casa

Yesterday, I went to The Range and it was life changing. I’m sure most people realised long ago how much fun it can be to buy home accessories – I didn’t. Thankfully I’ve seen the error of my ways. After buying 2 sets of fairy lights, a candle, a wire L and a cactus called Albert I am Pinterest AF and want to accessorise the entire house. Honestly, my shelf is looking sexy. If I was going to be attracted to an item of homeware it would be my shelf.

Not Using ASOS

Let me start this one by saying ASOS is my favourite place to shop and previously to 2017 I ordered things on there multiple times a week. I wish that was a lie, but really it’s just a costly habit. HOWEVER, breaking news. I haven’t ordered anything from ASOS in approximately 4 weeks and it’s going well. Granted 3 of those weeks I was out of the country and I did add 2 more items to my basket this afternoon, but baby steps eh kids. I do miss Brian the delivery guy though, we’re pals.

Santa Clarita Diet

This is another favourite thing involving murder, which isn’t me portraying the best version of myself really. Anyway, I started watching this yesterday and only have 2 episodes left. It’s a Netflix Original about a woman who turns into a sort of zombie and has to kill people to eat them, with the help of her quite-fit-really husband. She uses actual fingers as finger food. I didn’t think I’d like Santa Clarita Diet as much as I do and it has Drew Barrymore in it, and everyone likes Drew Barrymore.

EDEN’s Album

I have no idea how I stumbled across EDEN’s album (or who EDEN is? Am I old? Children? Educate me?) on Spotify but it is really good and is pretty much all I’ve listened to for the last 48 hours. It’s called ‘i think you think too much of me’ and I’d give it a solid 9/10. I felt the need to deduct 1 point for there only being 7 songs.


Kiwis. Nothing much to say other than I’m really liking kiwis. Kiwis as in the fruit. I’ve eaten 2 today which is 100% more fruit than I usually eat. Nothing against New Zealanders, but this is specifically a fruit based favourite.



3 thoughts on “I Like Things! Murder Edition?

  1. Another brilliant post!

    I have to ageee with you on the kiwi front. They are yum! Also, very proud of the decorating your room part, sounds so pretty!

    That podcast does sound really interesting, will have to give it a listen 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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